Exhibitors need to be aware that:


  • Clandon Wood is a nature reserve and natural burial site – please act with consideration

  • No smoking within the whole Clandon Wood event space

  • Electricity is available inside the pavilion and in sites close to the pavilion area

  • Toilet facilities are available on site

  • You will need to allow time to unload in the parking area adjacent to the stall holder area

  • Set up is available from 9am – plan ahead for opening with an interesting and exciting stand

  • Sharing of stand space with other exhibitors is not permitted unless agreed in advance

  • They must give notice of the need to cancel in writing and be aware that Handpicked for Dorking reserve the right to enforce cancellations charges: ​

    • Less than 14 days in advance, to retain the hire fee​

    • 15 – 30 days in advance, to retain 50% of the hire fee​

    • 31 – 60 days in advance, to retain 25% of the hire fee


External exhibitors – based on your business


  • You will be expected to provide your own gazebo (with weights), table and cloth and chairs

  • Gazebo space is restricted to 3.5m x 3.5m per exhibitor


Internal exhibitors – based on your business


  • You will be expected to provide your own table cloth

  • Tables and chairs will be provided


Handpicked for Dorking expect you to: ​


  • Provide clear description of themselves and the product they are selling​

  • Arrange your own trader liability insurance and clearly display at the event

  • Complete the booking form and make payment within the deadline specified

  • Make clear on the booking any special requirements

  • Share the event Facebook page and invite friends, family and customers​

  • Use the hashtag #handpickedfordorking​ #clandonwood

  • Promote your business on your stand including pricing​

  • Smile, enjoy, talk to other stallholders​

  • Take ownership to ensure that the area looks as you found it at the end of the event​


Handpicked for Dorking will: ​


  • ​Confirm bookings once booking and payment have been received​

  • Invoice exhibitor’s payment on request​

  • Release the space if payment terms are not met​

  • Remove stallholders who are not ready in time for the event; no refunds will be given​

  • Not accept responsibility for loss or damage to the exhibitor’s properties whilst at the event​

  • Exclude from future events anyone who:

    • Packs up their stall before the end of the event

    • Sells products which were not as previously advised

    • Does not behave in a professional manner in line with expectations


We shall not be liable for any delay in performance or breach of this agreement due to any event beyond their control including (but not limited to) fire, flood, storm, extreme weather, strike, electrical failure, Act of God, explosion, war, terrorist activity, Royal demise or other Royal ceremony and acts of governmental or parliamentary authority, including elections​. We will give notice as soon as possible on becoming aware of such an event

© 2017-2020

Jason Brett

Handpicked for Dorking