• Handpicked for Dorking


It's really exciting to be writing the very first handpicked tale on my own website!

Handpicked has had an exciting year - first conceived back in March 2017.

Living in Dorking has really inspired me; from artists and creators to foodies and musicians.

After exhibiting at craft fairs I wanted to offer something different, and use my background in events to handpick unique products from creative gurus with a real passion.

Some of the people I've been able to put together have been old friends, others new contacts that I've found along the journey of the last couple of months.

Since the first event back in May, I've learnt so much and been able to build up a wider network of creative gurus, who have been grouped to offer the very best for Wedding & Special Events and the Christmas Market happening in October and November.

Watch this space for more information about some of the handpicked tales these events are starting to create!



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