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Top 10 Tips for Creative Gurus

1.Be prepared

The very first mistake you can make is coming unprepared.

Make a list of everything you’ll need and check them off one-by-one as you put them into your car.

Make sure you’re completely prepared before you arrive because customers will notice if you’re not.

2.Be friendly

It can be nerve-racking to put all your products up for everyone to judge.

Don’t be afraid to greet people as they approach your stall in a friendly manner.

Also make sure that you go and speak to the other exhibitors there; don’t ignore them as they are still potential clients.

Share ideas and network you will be surprised of what you will learn!

3. Have business cards

When chatting with someone about your products, hand that person your business card.

When you’re packaging up a purchase, place a business card in the bag.

You are instantly providing your customers and potential customers with all the information they need; your company name, your contact information, your business website, etc.

It’s instant customer service that your customers aren’t even aware they’re receiving.

4.Keep up to date

There is nothing worse than getting a business card or flyer and the information is incorrect or missing.

Make sure everything on your business card and marketing materials are up to date, on a regular basis.

5.Offer gift wrapping

Customers love to buy gifts because a gift made by an awesome creative guru shines with personality.

You’re bound to leave a lasting impression on your customers if you offer gift wrapping; it helps translate the love and care that you put into the product into the purchasing experience.

Your branding is also free advertising!

6. Listen to your customers

You should always listen to your customers.

This is free feedback that you should be listening to because your customers are literally telling you what they want.

This allows you to make constructive changes to your stall design, product line, marketing strategy, etc.

7.Make your stall stand out - for the right reasons!

A good piece of advice to follow is to think of your stall as a product itself.

The table should represent your brand, so get creative in expressing that!

Use bright colours or a creative way to display your products.

If there’s nothing of interest right out front, people will be less likely to stop by.

8.Show the customer what you sell

If you have too many products out and they’re not organized , your stall is going to appear cluttered and overwhelming. The key is balance so fill the table in a way that encourages people to browse.

A good top tip is to avoid your products just sitting flat on the table use props – get creative – when I first started I used a cooling rack from the larder!

9.Show your prices

This is by far one of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make.

If an item isn’t priced, many people will assume that it’s super expensive.

Other people will be too shy to ask what the price is.

Don’t miss a sale opportunity just because you’ve forgotten to price products.

Make sure everything is clearly priced!

10.Keep a kitty

If you’re only accepting cash and you don’t have enough change, then you can kiss that sale goodbye. Make sure you have enough change before you start, and take inventory of it halfway through in case you need to get more cash.

You may want to invest in a credit card machine - great for customers that don't have cash!

Hope you've found this useful - more handpicked tales coming soon!


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