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6 months later ...

Who would of thought that 6 months ago I'd be sitting here writing a blog about organising my third event .

When I first came up with the concept I just booked May and November but then thought why not have a little taster of things to come in September and then why not organise a Wedding & Events Fair, am I mad? 

( I will let you answer that ) 

What I wanted to achieve was to bring together a collection of different and maybe a little bit alternative - hence the naming of us as a collective to ' creative gurus'!

With one day to go I am very excited of the journey I have been on to bring everyone together . I set about planning what I thought would work - not having lots of the same products - so could offer the customer a variety bit like when you walk into a big department store and you want to find what you are looking for .

Fate has also been good to me as I stick to my guns and found who I wanted to be involved there are people I have said no too but that's me handpicking and thinking of the customer - this is not your usual craft fair .

I also have seven bands playing and singing music - all giving up 1/ 2 hour of their spare on a Saturday - this will just add to the ambience I am trying to achieve for the day. 

Living in Dorking I am aware of the diversity and quirkiness and the weird and wonderful people who make up this amazing town , that's one of the reasons that's why I chose to live here.

Let's face it not every town has a giant cock on a roundabout ! 

So just a couple more things to do - I do love a list and have to admit now also love a spread sheet !

Once this has ended - it's not over the countdown to what is going to be an amazing Christmas Market with the support from family , friends , local businesses and those people who believe in me and what I am capable of .

Jason x  

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