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New year , new events , exciting times ahead...

My first blog for the year !

Happy New Year to everyone and lets all hope for a great 2018.

All in all last year was not that bad as that is when Handpicked for Dorking was created , I am now pleased to say that after the 4 events that I organised I am really pleased with what was achieved.

When I set out with handpicked I was always looking for like minded people who shared a passion for what they do.

That creativity that people have is amazing and something I enjoy seeing , hearing ,touching , eating & smelling - yes all the 5 senses.

Another amazing thing is the people I have met on the way and I have enjoyed the friendships that have been made by everyone sharing ideas together and helping each other grow and expand it what their passion maybe.

We all have the same goal and with a vision and by talking to each other sharing ideas we can all learn to make ourselves a bit more skilled and knowledgeable.

Also if someone gives you feedback and you thing you maybe need to do something different then go for it , its called learning , something that we are always doing even as adults !

So next year - whats next for Handpicked ?

My first event is Well-being and fitness - yeah I know a bit different from last year but its exactly the same just different people offering and selling services that they provide.

From Yoga , Tai Chi , Pilates , Fitness , Beauty ,Reflexology , Massage , Pilates , Mental Health , Skincare , plus healthy tea and coffee there should be something for everyone so if this year you need to make a change to your life to be more healthy then you may be able to find it at this event.

There will be more events this year but each one will be customized and then the fun starts again of me handpicking for each event those best suited for home , pets , music , family ..

The Christmas Market will take place on Saturday 24th November 2018!

The next event at Crossways will be on Saturday 7th April ...all to be revealed soon.

I will also make sure that I keep everyone up to date of what is going on !

A last thank you to all those people I have worked with and will work with again and lots more new creative gurus


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