• Jason

It's hip to be square!

We are proud to announce a new collaboration!

Renee and Kevin from Schmidt Kitchens in Dorking approached me with an idea and a space to bring back the buzz to West Street.

Starting from Saturday 16th June, we will be transforming their customer car park into The Old Quarter Creative Market.

This is a great opportunity to bring together an eclectic mix of the local creative gurus we've met along the way and continue to meet!

Each event will continue to be different, with as always, handpicked style, food, home, beauty and music.

What's really exciting is that this will be a small and fun event running every couple of weeks, where regular and new customers and exhibitors can meet, learn and grow with suggestions from everyone.

Renee and Kevin are keen to make the most of this space to give back to Dorking and we're really excited to work with them.

Check out each of the dates and come along to find out more.


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