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2019 ! Looking back to then go forward to 2020 !

What a successful year it has been.

After the success of 2018 and the Christmas Market myself and Rob decided that we needed a new venue for 2019 so Dorking Halls was booked for Harvest and Christmas , availability and forms were sent to potential ‘creative gurus’ whilst Handpicked started work on 2 events with Clandon Wood.

HandPICKED for Clandon Wood (April & June)

2 unique events took place at Clandon Wood - this was a new venture for Handpicked and to highlight the amazing venue whilst respecting the surrounding area and location.

The first event in April showcased local businesses that complimented an event taking place and the second event was an Arts and Crafts Open day with live music and a family fun day.

HandPICKED for PIPPFEST (September)

This was our second year of our involvement with Pippfest and what an fantastic day.

The sun shone down on this outdoor event to keep Pippbrook House alive and part of the local community as it should be.

The day was filled with live music , local cooked food and drinks , healing fields , outdoor activities , fun stuff for kids and of course a Handpicked selection of creative gurus to compliment this event.

Looking forward to being back next year...

HandPICKED for the Harvest & Christmas Market (October & December)

Both events took place in the new location of Martineau Hall in Dorking Halls which were advertised on all the screens inside including the cinema screens and outside.

With both events I was able to offer more variety and choice of creative gurus keeping it all in one room.

The Harvest event brought in over 300 visitors on the day but I could not predict how successful the Christmas market was with over 850 visitors attending.

The feedback received from these events made all the work that myself and Rob do throughout the year to help support and promote local businesses in a friendly -local - creative environment.

I personally just wanted to say a big thank you to all of those who make Handpicked for Dorking what it is; the creative gurus and customers who come along to these events and believe in what I am trying to achieve.

So what’s planned for next year ....

Pippfest , Handpicked for the Autumn and Handpicked Christmas Market back at Dorking Halls with lots more new and exciting products.

There will also be lots more information shared via blogs and getting to know the ‘creative gurus’ throughout the year.

Happy New Year and see you all in 2020

Jason x


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